When I founded Thomas R. McHaffie and Company in 1988, my goal was to become one of the best Builders in the city. My goal was never, and is still not , to become a large organization. I take on only those projects I can personally supervise, with the help of my field superintendent. And so, when you build with my company, you build with me. I work very closely with each building customer, to assure you the highest level of personal attention and satisfaction before we start, during the project, and after the project is completed. Here's a little background on me:

I am 53 years old, the proud father of 6 beautiful children, and happily married to Amy (27 years!). I was born in Indianapolis, and grew up in Carmel. My father was an attorney by profession, but he was a carpenter in his spare time, and I think that is where I first got the itch to build houses.

I graduated from Indiana University with a BS degree from the Kelley School of Business in Transportation/Logistics and Management. After 7 years in the transportation business following graduation, I entered the Real Estate business in 1985, and achieved a high level of success very quickly, mostly due to my interest in marketing new homes for some of the areas finest builders. My real estate experience has proved invaluable, particularly in the area of designing good, workable floor-plans, and, since I still hold a broker's license, in purchasing raw land for estate type properties. In 1988, I formed a partnership with a local builder to build a few homes together and "learn the ropes", and in 1989, I completed the first home on my own.  

I am very proud of the talented group of subcontractors and suppliers I have developed over these past 21 years, and believe that we are currently producing one of the finest products available. With my small company, I am able to be involved in all phases of the building process, all of which I enjoy, as I am able to personally design a home, price it, "value engineer" it if necessary, and then manage the contractors and suppliers to turn the drawing into a beautiful home. By keeping my overhead low, and my personal involvement with each home and each customer high, I am able to produce a very high quality home, at a good value.

I believe a successful builder today has to be both a good businessman, and a knowledgeable construction supervisor, and do both of these jobs with integrity. Many builders talk about "quality", but the finished product, and the satisfied customer are the only true measures of whether that builder really delivered a quality home. If you talk to my suppliers and subcontractors, they will say I am demanding, with a very high quality and service expectation, but that I always treat them fairly. If you talk to my banker, he can vouch for how I have run the financial side of the business over the years. Since most of our business now is for specific customers (verses "spec" homes), I am sure that if you talk to my customers, they can back all of these words up with their positive personal experiences with me, and with my company. Please email me, if you would like any of these references.

When I'm not building or designing homes, I'm usually playing with the family in some form or another. I am actively involved with our church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and watching our kids activities. In the summer we like to go anywhere with water!  I enjoy Woodworking, Fishing, Skiing, and playing the guitar. Whatever success I have had thus far in life, and whatever the future holds, I always try to be mindful of where my many blessings have come from.  I strive each and every day to honor God, in my personal life, and in my work.